The KEK is made up of

  1. six experts in broadcasting and commercial law, three of whom must be qualified to serve in the judicial office, and
  2. six legal representatives, as determined by national law, of the Media Authorities.

The experts and two substitute members, in the event of elimination of one of the above mention members, shall be appointed by common accord of the Prime Ministers of the States for a term of five years. The six Media Authorities’ representatives and two substitute members in the event of elimination are elected by the Media Authorities for the tenure of the KEK. The KEK members are not subject to directives in the performance of their duties.

The KEK passes its rulings with the majority vote of its legal members. If there is a tie, the vote of the chairman is decisive. If the chairman is unavailable, the vice-chairman's vote is decisive.

Representatives of the state media authorities

Substitute members